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Graphic Profile Design Service .......... $500.00

Profile converted to a website ....$200.00 additional





Having a solid adoption profile is the key to finding the expectant/birth mother who wishes to place her child into your home. Giving an expectant/birth parent a glimpse into your family in a manner that allows them to have a feeling of a connection is very important.

For many families this can be frustrating, overwhelming and sometimes confusing. We understand the difficulty of being faced with how to convey your family to an unknown individual with whom you are seeking a connection. We will strive to alleviate as much of the stress as possible as you work to put pen to paper creating the foundation of your introduction/birth parent letter.

We WILL NOT write your introduction/birth parent letter for you. This letter needs to be written by the adoptive family who is seeking a child to add to their family. Only the adoptive family can share their family’s dynamics in a manner that encompasses their family as a unit and allows an expectant/birth family to “look inside the window” to their foundation. We will assist you with a guideline sheet that can help you write an exceptional letter and some do's and don't to avoid.

The profile design fee includes: Phone consultation, guidance, on going phone and email support, photo editing, photo reviews/selections, text edits, review introduction (expectant/birth parent) letter, profile design and layout for a profile and up to 3 revisions.

The requested turn around time for the completion of a profile design is 3 weeks from the time your profile deposit, expectant/birth mom letter/introduction document, and up to 40 photos (or more) on a disc are received. Please note that we may not use all of the photos requested, we will select those for which will best display a glimpse of your family.

Profiles are completed in a Portrait or Landscape layout using a standard paper size of 8.5 x 11. This allows family's to print their own completed profiles as needed without the need to search for specialty size paper.

For an additional cost of $200.00 we can convert a completed profile booklet into a website display. You select the domain name and we create the web page display for you.

The cost to reserve your time is $250.00 of which is non-refundable. The remaining is due upon approval of your profile.

You will receive your final approved profile in a .pdf format for which you can print as needed or email as requested. We will provide you with one hard copy of your profile that will be printed and bound for your files. Your disc will be returned to you upon completion along with the copy of your completed profile.

** Additional examples of our work is available upon request prior to a contract agreement.

Families in out Full Hands to Hold LLC Consulting program receive this service at no additional cost.

Examples of profiles created by Hands to Hold:


Hands to Hold Resource Center looks forward to being a part of your adoption journey.


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