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Marketing/Out Reach Support Program ... $150.00 Non Refundable Registration Fee

Total Marketing program...$1,750.00 **

**payable only if we are able to assist the adoptive family with their marketing efforts.

Remaining Fee (less registration) is due at the time of a contract execution **





Our Marketing/Out Reach Support Program is designed for adoptive families who are seeking additional avenues of marketing and networking options without having to lock into one agency or pay multiple application fees to be on multiple agencies waiting list.

The registration fee is for 2 yrs or until which time the adoptive family enters into a contract agreement with a placing entity for which we were instrumental in providing assistance on behalf of the adoptive family. The registration fee covers cost associated with the marketing/out reach support program. Those services may include printing and binding profiles, shipping, follow up calls to the agency and to the clients/families, the social worker, emails, phone calls….. The registration fee is non-refundable. If you adopt from another source without our assistance, the registration fee is not refundable and you do not owe the remaining marketing/out reach support program fee.

Since 2005 we have worked with many adoption professionals across the United States who often seek out reach support services for clients (expectant/birth families) they are working with. This could be for various reason (i.e.. expectant/birth parent ask for additional profiles, the agency does not have families who are registered with them open to the situation……). In cases such as these the agency seeks external support through various other resources to help locate additional families for their client. Many times the placing entities will waive the up-front application fee requirement to allow us to submit our families for consideration without having to pay the application fee prior to being selected.

Adoptive families may request to join our closed Facebook group where our current situations/opportunities are posted. For those that do not use Facebook and/or prefer to receive an email, please ask to be added to our email list. Hands to Hold will ask that an adoptive family send at least 3 profile books and a copy of their home study in order to be presented to available opportunities that you may be interested in being presented to. It is difficult to provide marketing assistance without a profile book of your family. If an adoptive family request to be presented to an entity that Hands to Hold is working with, Hands to Hold Resource Center LLC will submit a copy of their profile and home study (if requested) to the contacting entity on behalf of the adoptive family. If the family is selected by the entity and the entity's client and the adoptive family enters into a contract agreement with the entity, the remaining marketing and support program fee of $1,600.00 is due at the time the contract with the entity is executed. When the contract with the entity is executed by the adoptive family, our marketing services is considered rendered. Our marketing/program fee is non-refundable as we only collect our marketing/program fee AFTER the services have been fully provided to the adoptive family. The program fee is paid directly to Hands to Hold Resource Center LLC. This is not a “match fee”. Hands to Hold Resource Center LLC DOES NOT match families with expectant/birth families nor provide a matching service. The fee covers cost associated with an adoptive family's marketing plan.

The marketing fee is for services rendered in being instrumental in providing services to the adoptive families. Services may include: providing advocacy, printing/binding and shipping of profiles, coordinating and assisting adoptive family/clients in their marketing and networking efforts to establish a relationship with an agency, attorney and/or facilitator.

The marketing program is for just that – Marketing. Hands to Hold Resource Center LLC support will be strictly related to each specific marketing opportunity only. If families feel they need more than just to have their profile marketed and the ability to be presented to agencies without fee’s being paid in advance, then those families will need to consider our consulting program.

Families in our Hands to Hold LLC Consulting program receive this service at no additional cost.


Hands to Hold Resource Center looks forward to being a part of your adoption journey.


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