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Complete Hands to Hold Consultation Program $2,500.00

(from beginning to end and beyond)

There is no cookie cutter blue print design for domestic adoption or the families who travel the journey in search of growing and expanding their family. While the journey to adoption can be one of the most difficult, exhausting and overwhelming journey one could take, it is the one that will inspire you the most. Holding the hand of your newest family member is holding the hand of an inspirational treasure.

We understand the journey and the process you are embarking on and together as a team we will work to create an adoption plan that meets your adoption goals by empowering you with the resources to travel the journey with confidence.

With our complete Hands to Hold Consultation package we can:

* Provide you with the support, resource and guidance to build the foundation to begin your adoption journey with confidence that will take you through the process of understanding domestic adoption, to the home study process, to creating a digital custom adoption profile that encompasses your family, to evaluating the best marketing strategies that help you achieve your adoption goals, to arriving home with your new family member and even after. We will be there along the way to keep you on track during the “wait time”.

* Provide you with the personal and professional services that are sensitive and understanding to your needs when working towards an adoption plan and your adoption goals.

* Provide the educational resources that will empower you with the foundation and the confidence to think more logical while using less emotions when evaluating your options. Having the right decision making skills will empower you to make better choices that work with your adoption goals not with your emotional heart strings.

* Work one on one with you in creating an adoption plan that supports your adoption goals and enhances your marketing efforts.

* Assist in recommending and providing referrals to home study providers in your area.

* Reduce the stress of the anticipated home study visit by preparing you for what you could expect during the initial visit and the home study process from beginning to end. We will also help you to understand the post placement visits upon your return home with a child.

* Work one on one with you to create and design a digital adoption profile book for you that will allow a placing entity and/or an expectant/birth family to have a glimpse into your family. This is your first opportunity to make a solid impression. We will utilize our knowledge to create and customize a profile book that encompasses the dynamics of your family.

* Provide you the educational resource to better understand each states adoption laws on irrevocable consents, allowable expense guidelines, advertising, and the ability to finalize the adoption in the birth state. We can not provide legal advice. We can only provide you with what each state statute says with regards to adoption. This does not constitute providing legal advice. We suggest you talk with an attorney if you have legal questions.

Just as your adoption journey is important – the information you share with us is important as well. All information will be maintained in confidence. Information will never be shared with others without permission.

Registration fee: $200.00 - This fee is due prior to beginning the program and reserves your spot in our program.

$1,150.00 is the first installment due prior to beginning your journey. This is due once you have been accepted into the program. (the beginning steps may consist of discussing concerns and goals, target home study providers, discuss the basic steps of a home study, discuss marketing goals,continual on-going support as needed).

$1,150.00 and final installment is due once your home study has started and you are ready to proceed forward to the second part of your journey. (these steps may consist of completing the profile design, begin the agency review selection, sharing available situations and discussing the possible risk factors, continual on-going support as needed).

Fees can be paid by Cashiers Check, Money Order, Wire Transfer or Paypal. We do not accept credit card payments at this time.


Hands to Hold Resource Center looks forward to being a part of your adoption journey.


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