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We know the process to adoption can be an overwhelming journey. We are glad you have found your way to our website. Thank you for taking the time visit with us. We are here to help you to understand the process and to provide whatever level of assistance you may need with the resources that can create the foundation to a successful adoption.

If your just beginning your adoption journey, maybe have questions before deciding if adoption is right for you, maybe seeking more resources to market your profile, or you just need someone the create that award winning profile for you – we are here to help. We can help you find the path that is right for your family as you travel the journey to grow your family through adoption.

Hands to Hold Resource Center has grown over the years. Many of our changes are the direct result of spending years talking with the many families who have came to us for assistance and guidance while listening to their frustrations as they work to find the path to adoption that is right for them. What worked for their friend, neighbor or co-worker has not worked for them. The journey to adoption for many can be an overwhelming process of internet research that leads to contradicting information, frustration and for some family’s the loss of hope. We can help alleviate the unknowns and help you to better understand your options while assisting you in creating an adoption plan that is right for your family. There is no straight forward approach to domestic adoption. Even the best made plans need to be adjusted sometimes.

We do not make a guarantee on how long it will take you to adopt. We feel it is more about finding that right opportunity that fits both the expectant/birth parents’ dreams of her ideal family as much as it does finding just that right opportunity that allows your family to open their hearts and their home to parent a new addition. The success is finding a connection. Each individual brings a different set of circumstances to their adoption plan. For some the connection may happen very quickly while others may find themselves waiting a little longer for just the right connection. Parenting is a life long journey; take the time to find the right connection.

We also do not guarantee that everyone who uses our services will find that little hand to hold. But we will work very hard to provide the resources that each individual can utilize in reaching their successful adoption goal.

Although we are not a licensed child placing agency, Hands to Hold Resource Center is committed to providing a professional and ethical service to the adoption community we cherish. Holding the hand of a child is holding an inspirational treasure.


Hands to Hold Resource Center looks forward to being a part of your adoption journey.


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